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Bear 3D Model Free on Flatpyramid.The bear (Ursus) is the central genus in the Bear family (Ursidae).The genus brings together the most typical and well-known family members, and generates common systematic criteria for assigning animals to it.According to paleontologic data, the Bear's race appeared 5-6 million years ago. The first of its representatives is currently considered a bear of small size, Ursus minimus - a relatively small animal whose fossil remains are found in France.All modern four species of genus, as well as a number of extinct (such as, for example, the cave bear (Ursus spelaeus)) originate from the Etruscan bear (Ursus etruscus), which lived 2-1 million years ago.The youngest species of the genus is the white bear (Ursus maritimus), which separated from the brown bear about 200 thousand years ago.The genus includes several species, includingextinct: Cave Bear - Ursus spelaeus (extinct) small bear - Ursus minimus (extinct) Etruscan bear - Ursus etruscus (extinct) Ursus deningeri modern: Himalayan bear - Ursus thibetanus Bear Baribal - Ursus americanus brown bear - Ursus arctos bear white - Ursus maritimus "According to the latest edition of the" Types of mammals of the world "(2005), within this genus distinguish the following 4 modern species and subspecies of the genus Ursus:Genus Bear - Ursus Kind of Bear Barybal - Ursus americanus (subspecies americanus, altifrontalis, amblyceps, californiensis, carlottae, cinnamomum, emmonsii, eremicus, floridanus, hamiltoni, kermodei, luteolus, machetes, perniger, pugnax, vancouver) Kind of Bear Bear - Ursus arctos (subspecies arctos, alascensis, beringianus, californicus, collaris, crowtheri, dalli, gyas, horribilis, isabellinus, lasciitis, middendorffi, pruinosus, sitkensis, stikeenensis, syriacus) Kind of Bear White - Ursus maritimus Kind of Himalayan bear - Ursus thibetanus (subspecies of thibetanus, formosanus, gedrosianus, japonicus, laniger, mupinensis, ussuricus) Fur and leather of all kinds have long been considered a prominent trophy and are used when sewing clothes or as a decoration in their entirety, in particular, in Comenesti, there is traditional clothing during the parade.Download Bear 3D Model Free on Flatpyramid now.