Volvo 3d model free

Volvo 3d model free.

Volvo’s birthday is April 14, 1927, the day when the first car called the Jakob left the Gothenburg factory. However, the real history of the development of the concern began several years later.The 20s are characterized by the beginning of the real development of the automobile industry in the USA and Europe simultaneously. In Sweden, people really became interested in cars in 1923 after the exhibition in Gothenburg. In the early 20s, 12 thousand cars were imported into the country. In 1925, their number reached 14.5 thousand.In the international market, manufacturers, in pursuit of an increase in their volumes, did not always selectively approach the components, so the quality of the final products often left much to be desired, and as a result, many of these manufacturers quickly went bankrupt. For the creators of Volvo, the issue of quality was fundamental. Therefore, their main task was to make the right choice among suppliers. In addition, after assembly, the tests were necessarily conducted. To date, Volvo follows this principle.Assar Gabrielsson and Gustaf Larson are the creators of Volvo. Assar Gabrielsson - the son of Gabriel Gabrielsson, office manager, and Anna Larson - was born on August 13, 1891 in Kosberg, Skaraborg county. He graduated from the Higher Latin School NORRA in Stockholm in 1909. He received a bachelor's degree in economics and business from the School of Economists in Stockholm in 1911. After working as an official and stenographer in the lower house of the Swedish Parliament, Gabrielsson was appointed trade manager at SKF in 1916. He founded Volvo and served as president until 1956.Gustaf Larson - the son of Lars Larson, a farmer, and Hilda Magnesson - was born July 8, 1887 in Vintros, Erebro County. In 1911 he graduated from a technical elementary school in Erebro; He received an engineering degree from the Royal Institute of Technology in 1917. In England from 1913 to 1916 he worked as a design engineer at White and Popper Ltd.After graduating from the Royal Institute of Technology, Gustaf Larson worked for SKF as a manager and chief engineer of the transmission department of the company in Gothenburg and Katrinholme from 1917 to 1920. He worked as a manager at the plant, and later as technical director and executive vice president of Nya AB Gaico from 1920 to 1926. Cooperated with Assar Gabrielsson in order to create a Volvo. From 1926 to 1952 - Technical Director and Executive Vice President of Volvo.

Two people united by one idea

For several years of work at SKF, Assar Gabrielsson noted that Swedish ball bearings were inexpensive compared to international standard prices, and the idea of ​​producing Swedish cars that could compete with American cars was becoming stronger. Assar Gabrielsson worked with Gustaf Larson for several years at SKF, and two people, having also worked together for several years in the British automotive industry, learned to recognize and respect each other’s experience and know-how. There are many popular Volvo cars were released these years: Volvo v40, Volvo v60Gustaf Larson also had a view to creating his own, Swedish automotive industry. Their similar views and tasks led to cooperation after the first few random meetings in 1924. As a result, they decided to establish a Swedish car company. While Gustaf Larson hired young mechanics to assemble cars, Assar Gabrielsson studied the economic ground for the implementation of their ideas. In the summer of 1925, Assar Gabrielsson was forced to use his own savings to finance a trial series of products consisting of 10 passenger cars.Most popular Volvo models now: Volvo xc60 t6, 630 tractor truck

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