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The LG Group is the fourth largest South Korean financial and industrial group (in South Korea, such groups are called chaebol). The main activities are electronics, chemical products, and telecommunications equipment.

The headquarters is located in Seoul, the Republic of Korea, in addition, the company has more than 200 representative offices and divisions in 80 countries of the world.

LG was formed by the merger of Lucky and Goldstar. It was decided to name the new company Lucky-Goldstar, which would later be abbreviated to LG. The slogan of Life’s Good has emerged from it.

The CEO is Ku Bon-Mu. May 20, 2018, Ku Bon-Mu died in Seoul at the age of 73. Managed the company for 23 years since 1995. In connection with the deterioration of his health, Ku Bon-Mu handed over the management of the company to his younger brother Ku Bon-Joong as incumbent vice chairman. Total sales in 2010 were 141 trillion Korean won (~ $ 124.2 billion). The total number of employees is over 200,000.

The group includes 44 companies.