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3D Models of Sci-Fi Spaceship and other science fiction vehicles downloadable in 3ds max, maya, lwo, obj, fbx and more.

A starship is a spacecraft (spacecraft) capable of traveling between stellar systems, thus making an interstellar flight.

In order for the spacecraft to become a starship, it is enough that it scored the third cosmic velocity, or used the gravitational maneuver. Currently, spacecraft of the second type are the Pioneer-10, Pioneer-11, Voyager-1, and Voyager-2 vehicles that left the Solar System.

There is a version that the “Wow!” Signal was sent from a moving alien spacecraft.

One of the first to use the term “spaceship” is Alexander Belyaev in the novel Leap into Nothing (1933). Fiction means that a starship is a spacecraft moving between star systems in a reasonable time. The main ways to solve this problem, proposed by science fiction:

As in reality, the set of the third cosmic velocity (for starships with reactive control (usually with photon control) or with solar sails).
Such an apparatus moves with a light speed, therefore, for traveling on such ships, it is necessary to ensure that the crew is delivered to the destination at a capable age and condition. For this it is proposed, in particular:
use of relativistic time dilation;
the use of anabiosis or stasis;
crew consisting of immortal creatures (in particular, robots or cyborgs);
huge ship colonies – the ship of generations – in which more than one generation of people have time to change during the journey.
achieving immortality and improvement of the human body.
Teleportation, passage through hyperspace (hyperspace transition, hyperspace jump), warp motion or another type of superluminal motion.