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GameMaker: Studio is one of the most popular game engines, allowing you to develop applications for many platforms. GameMaker: Studio is a serious development of its predecessor – Game Maker and the main difference is the addition of cross-platform, thanks to which, as well as other significant improvements, GameMaker: Studio has become a powerful tool for professional development. The creator and lead developer of the first six versions of the original Game Maker designer, Mark Overmars, subsequent versions, including GameMaker: Studio, are developed by YoYo Games.

The free version (Standard) is limited to compiling under Windows. Compared to it, the Professional version has many advantages, including resource management, compiling for macOS, Ubuntu, and running on Android. Also, in the professional version, you can buy individual modules that extend the functionality of the program. The Master Collection version contains all current modules and future additions to version 1.c

GameMaker: Studio allows you to write extensions for a variety of platforms in their respective languages. The following file types of extensions are supported: gml everywhere, dll-libraries on Windows, Windows Phone, Xbox One, js-scripts for HTML5, so-libraries on Linux and Tizen, dylib-libraries on Mac, prx on PS4, suprs on PSVita, and also special placeholder for iOS and Android. It is possible to create proxy extensions for projects on many platforms, which allows using the same function names in the code, but refer to the libraries of the corresponding platform.

There are functions for working with Base64, JSON, MD5, SHA-1 encodings, the ability to unpack ZIP archives, read and write .ini, text and binary files, and manage directories. It is possible to interact with the network: a collective game via UDP, TCP, Bluetooth, sending http requests, downloading any files, interacting with Steam API and Facebook.

Since version 1.1.1086, support for shaders has been added – an effective tool for managing rendering, adding graphic effects and transformations. GameMaker: Studio supports vertex and fragment shaders in GLSL ES, HLSL9, HLSL11 and GLSL languages.