VRML (.wrl, .wrz)

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So, you decided to experience the 3D-delights of VRML the hard way. What do you need for this? First, the browser: three-dimensional documents (extension. Wrl) are not somewhere, but in the directories on the sites, so that without this little animal you can not do. Secondly, you need a special program for viewing * .wrl-files. There are a lot of such programs, some of them work as a plug-in for your favorite browser, some – completely independently. Thirdly, a video card that understands Direct3D and OpenGl will not interfere. Without it, it’s better not to go into 3D worlds – evil pixels and eternal brakes will eat alive. We will leave the choice of browser and video card to your discretion – this has already been written about, and more than once, but it’s worth talking about the best representatives of the family of viewer programs. Immediately I would like to draw your attention to the fact that the following applications cannot work without an Internet browser – the unfortunate people do not even have * .exe-files, so do not try to launch them apart from the browser dad. As soon as Explorer (Navigator or whatever you have) stumbles upon a file with the extension .wrl (.wrml, .wrz), the sleeper until now will wake up and begin to show you the wonders of 3D. It is also not recommended to install all the programs in one step. The scheme of working with them is this: installed, tried, did not like it – erased; set the following, etc. Otherwise, the cones do not turn around, and only one thing can be integrated into the browser.