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Dragons 3D models on Flatpyramid.

Dragon is a collective name uniting a number of mythological and fantastic creatures. The dragon is associated with the Christian cult of St. George and is widely used in European religious art. The traditions of East Asia also contain a lot of dragon-like characters, such as Japanese ryu, Chinese moons, Vietnamese long, Korean yong and others.

The interrelation of the dragon and the mythical serpent raises many questions, as a result of which the two concepts replace each other, and in the literature one or another term is used to describe one or the other characteristics. In the Russian-speaking scientific community, there is no consensus on this issue.

The mythological dragon symbolizes a test that must be passed to get the treasure. It is associated with immortality, which can be obtained by invading the body of a monster (both from the outside and from the inside, for example, by swallowing a dragon). The battle with the dragon is an initiation mystery with the symbolism of temporary death and rebirth. Many serpent plots are based on an initiation theme with inversion of the initiator relationship – a serpentine initiation cartridge