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The animated fountain is a type of fountain that has an aesthetic design and creates, in conjunction with music, an artistic representation. This effect is achieved by intersecting water waves and the light effects created by spotlights or lasers.Sound waves and light are projected onto a water screen, created by the strict distribution of water jets by fountain nozzles, and then, being refracted and reflected, a three-dimensional image is created. Many of the more well-known are large-scale and use hundreds of fountain nozzles and laser projectors, some cost millions of dollars, although there are also smaller “home” objects. An example is the animated fountains on the island of Sentosa in Singapore.Many specialized companies offer hardware and software that make pumps and lights turn on and off to change in time with the music connected to the system.Created by the light composer The hardware-software complex allows a person-light compositor to independently compose a light-jet composition - it is possible to create works of art - light-water symphonies.Auto pre-recorded Choreography for this type of fountain is created with the help of a special program that is written on a personal computer for a specific musical composition. The earliest of them were performed manually by the operator, who usually controlled the pumps, valves and lights, working through the control panel, since the music and songs were performed without a phonogram.Later the choreography could be recorded on a punched tape, which was read by a computer. Later it was recorded on a magnetic tape, and in the most modern shows - on a CD. Even in this case, the choreography had to be carefully programmed by hand, and some types of shows, performed without a soundtrack, were connected from the control panel to the computer that recorded the operator’s actions for later automatic playback.Automatic, real-time sound analysis The electronic device involved in the automation of the fountain conducts a continuous analysis of the reproduced scale, tracks the strengths and weaknesses of the composition, adjusts to the rhythm and controls the lighting. This technique allows you to get rid of the need to set regime maps of compositions in advance manually.Story The earliest known example of an animated fountain was shown in 1939 at the New York World Industrial Exhibition. Three operators controlled the fountain, in accordance with the program recorded on paper tape. Paper tape, designed in the form of keys on the piano, was held under the glass, and the operators turned on or off the buttons to open the pump valves or the backlight switches, depending on the commands recorded on this tape. This fountain was more than just water and light. 1400 fountain nozzles illuminated with 3 million watts of lights, plus 400 gas burners with a mechanism that caused the fire to change color, and fireworks from 350 launchers, creating a night spectacle on a grand scale. The live orchestra, who was present at the fair, played musical works, and huge speakers transmitted them to the whole district. The updated show, presented at the same fair in 1964, lacked colored lights, but punched cards were used for choreography. Recorded music in advance and, later becoming revolutionary, a system of dichroic light filters (developed by Bausch and Lomb for fountains), thanks to which dark and light lenses could produce the same brightness in light. It was through this process that, when equipment consumed 700 kW, more than 3 million watts of lighting was received. This show also had single lights with many sliding light filters for mixing colors, and a lot of nozzles that could be adjusted - their direction was changed using a hydraulic drive or an air motor.Donwload Animated Fountain 3D Model Free Download on Flatpyramid now.