Mall 3d model

Mall 3d model on Flatpyramid in high quality.Shopping mall is sometimes a shopping and entertainment center (shopping center), a gallery, a passage, a shopping mall, a shopping and entertainment complex - a universal shop or a set of shops, which usually includes consumer services, catering and entertainment facilities.The first shopping centers of this type began to appear in the XIX century. The largest in the world is "Mall Of Arabia" (English Mall Of Arabia) in Dubai.A modern shopping center can be a large shopping and entertainment complex - a multi-storey building in the style of gay-tech, which besides shops can also be cafes, bars, casinos, cinema. As a rule, the complex is equipped with escalators, equipped with free parking for personal transport of customers, and is located near metro stations and public transport stops. Such a shopping and entertainment complex can be an example of the concentration of modern mass culture.Interesting: 3d artists love to create mall 3d models more than business centers.And for small ones, there are two other subcategories: complexes with everyday commodity dominant and with an alternative commodity. The first is a shopping center in the sleeping areas, often with an anchor supermarket/hypermarket, a household appliances store, goods for animals, etc. And others - without large anchor tenants, more often with clothing stores, shoes, children's goods and located in the central part of the city.Specialized shopping centers are also several types: retail park (large, medium and small), outlet center and thematic center (with entertaining and non-entertainment domains).Download Mall 3d model on Flatpyramid now.