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Free Nude 3D Models on Flatpyramid.3D model nude are based like practically everything in our life, the world history of nudity originates in immemorial biblical times. The book of Genesis tells how the Lord created Eve, and led her to Adam, and commanded them to be one flesh. And it was easy for the first people, because as they say in the next line of the Bible: "Both were naked, Adam and his wife, and were not ashamed" (Genesis 2, 25).It is clear that in those days nudity was the natural state of man. It is these images that we can see on various canvases illustrating life in paradise. Although some artists still tried to cover Adam with a fig leaf - which was not even mentioned in the Old Testament - and Eve was tangled with too long sprouts from the pumpkin family: wide leaves covered our ancestor's lower body and chest of Adam's wife from indiscreet looks. In other paintings, Eva chastely covers her nakedness with her hands, and one of the 15th-century Florentine artists, Masaccio (Masaccio), shields the nudity of the first people from our indiscreet views and the leaves of plants and their hands.It was not worth the artists of past times so carefully to cover the nakedness of our common ancestors from the views of their descendants. As a concept, the nakedness of Adam and Eve could be somehow connected with changes in weather conditions (heat in summer and cold in winter), with troubles that could be annoying insects, but not with the idea of ​​shame.The 3d nude models concept was born a little later by 3d artists. The Creator expelled people from paradise and identified them with such punishments: in the throes of having children, by the sweat of their faces to earn their own bread, to be mortal, and, as if all this was not enough, the Lord gave them a sense of shame.It was at that moment that the real story of nudity began, because earlier it was the natural state of man. The concept of modesty is born only with the advent of clothing. Whether it is leather tunics, Greek togas, brocade clothes of the Middle Ages, jackets or blouses, nudity is primarily associated with the need to cover it. Without clothes it would be impossible to be naked, just as it would have been impossible to die if there were no life.Take off your tunic, Clytemnestra!From the very prehistoric times that the Bible tells us, nudity has been associated with developmental delays. The most primitive peoples, when weather conditions permit, walk naked. The racial diversity of people living on Earth is also related to nudity. The tribes living under the hot African sun acquired a dark skin color, the more people lived to the north, the more they had to cover their bodies with clothes, and therefore their skin acquired various shades - from yellowish to white.Thus, it turns out that the invention of clothes was not the work of the peoples living in the tropics. In equatorial forests and on the hot coasts, clothing is either not needed or used minimally. The tribes living in these areas have a completely different attitude to the concept of nudity. Humanity has discovered the benefits of clothing, but it has preserved many rituals, for which it was necessary to expose. The most characteristic of them can be considered a dance dedicated to the god of rain. Numerous nationalities, ranging from the Egyptians, all kinds of tribes of Central and North America and ending with the most primitive inhabitants of South Africa, got together and danced naked, asking the sky to rain.The southernmost lands of the European continent were inhabited by the Romans and Greeks, who covered their nakedness only with tunics. The nakedness of the ancient Greeks and Romans lacked any millimeters to become a natural state. And this side was quite easy to overcome - just look at the statues of ancient masters. Their sculptures are not just naked, they are covered in marble leather. In other words, the Mediterranean art of that time did not concern the concept of bashfulness, but tried to depict the natural state of biblical innocence: here it was not the state of the person depicted that was in the first place, but his skin itself. We all know that the epidermis itself is neutral and indifferent, the only thing that can make it turn red is modesty, which is intangible and is a product of culture.Nudity in the house of godIn the first century of the existence of the Christian faith in India, the religious trend of Jainism arose. A sect of his followers settled on the banks of the Ganges. Religious leaders of the sect believed that a person should abandon all or practically all material wealth. Those who still believed that it was necessary to cover nudity, dressed in white tunics. But there were such followers of the guru Mahavira, who, like their spiritual master, completely abandoned the garments. This direction of Jainism - the Digambra - had a great influence seven centuries ago; it is still widely practiced to this day.On Flatpyramid you will find both male nude models and female nude models.