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Sexy 3d models on Flatpyramid.Many people think that before people were more liberated, they could openly demonstrate their sexuality, there were no boundaries and permissiveness reigned. In fact, ancient cultures were just different from modern ones. Just like today, there were certain taboos and concepts of "what is good and what is bad." Of course, most of the views are very different from modern and today we learn about some of them.The sixties - intoxicating then, unforgettable a little later and becoming legendary today - became a real song in the name of freedom and peace. Intensive searches for the inner world, which were carried out with the help of some weed, did not interfere with the search and external form. So nudity became actual again between sexy teen girls at the Woodstock festival, in music - remember John Lennon and Yoko Ono what the mother gave birth to, in politics - the famous nudist-pacifist manifestations and even in jokes - the fashion for the notorious streaking - naked running through the streets, on football fields during matches or during concerts.The end of the twentieth century was marked by a rather low fallen level of modesty and a practically morally legalized degree of nakedness. Comparison with the events of fifty years ago can throw a shiver. Today, Brigitte Bardot would cause no more passion than a conversation with a scholar about the upcoming political referendum. Today, on any beach in Europe, you can see the girls top-loess and in general all-loses. Exposure of the female body has ceased to be the prerogative of artists and poets. Are we back to heaven?Before models dressed in separate swimsuits appeared on the covers of Playboy and Sports Illustrated magazines, the bikini was considered a very dubious piece of clothing. In 1946, two competing French designers competed in creating the smallest swimsuit in the world. One of them, Louis Reard, named his swimsuit in honor of the Bikini Atoll, which is part of a group of islands in the Pacific Ocean, where the Americans conducted nuclear tests. His new bathing suit (pictured Marilyn Monroe, advertising a swimsuit in the 1950s) was considered so scandalous that Reard had to hire a stripper for his first demonstration. And although this happened a decade before the sexual revolution of the 1960s, the bikini became a kind of symbol of pretty girl models freedom.Download Sexy 3d models on Flatpyramid now.