Wild boar 3d model free

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    wild boar
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Wild boar 3d model free

The wild boar has one of the widest ranges among terrestrial mammals, and such a wide modern area has been formed due to the settlement of the species with the assistance of man (Homo sapiens). This species now occurs in a wild or savage form on all continents, with the exception of Antarctica and many oceanic islands.Wild boar have been the main hunting object for hunters since ancient times and therefore hunting and land-use change have led to the fragmentation of the range and the destruction of the species in the British Isles, Scandinavia, parts of North Africa. As well as a relatively large part of the area in the territory of the former Soviet Union and in northern Japan Wild swine inhabits the habitats from steppes to broadleaved forests, from Western Europe to the Far East, heading south to North Africa, the Mediterranean, the Middle East, India, China, Japan (including the Ryukyu Islands), Taiwan and the Great Sunda Islands Southeast Asia. The area extended by the person covers the habitat from the semi-desert to tropical rainforests, including reed jungles, mangrove forests, agricultural lands. Range of distribution in high altitude in Europe: from sea level to 2400 m in the Pyrenees.


The body is shaggy, up to 2 m in length, the height at the withers to 1.1 m, weight up to 450 kg, males are larger than females. The body is covered with rigid bristles and usually somewhat thin fur, but often the fur is very scarce, only the tail slightly covered with short hairs. Color from dark gray to black or brown. Many individuals have sideburns and mana on the back. The young are striped. The muzzle is elongated, the females serve as males.

Features of biology

Wild pig - mostly night and generally an omnivore animal. The bulk of the ration of this animal consists of fruits, seeds, roots and tubers.Both in the wild and in the savage representatives of the species the main social unit is the female and her brood. Once the hump has ceased to feed milk, two or more families can come together. Usually, groups consist of 6-20 individuals, although large herds to about 100 individuals were also noticed. This relationship remains stable until the start of the next pairing season when previously single adult males are fighting for females. Males usually fight for control of 1-3 females, but sometimes this number can reach 8. After the season of pairing males go away. A female usually produces from 4 to 8 piglets, although there are cases of birth of up to 13 piglets.Wild boar - one of the most famous hunting beasts, valuable for meat, skin, bristles, and icons.Download Wild boar 3d model free on Flatpyramid now.