Vagina 3D Models

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The vagina 3D models.

The vagina is an unpaired female internal organ, a muscular-elastic tubular formation located in the pelvis and used to remove menstrual and vaginal secretions from the body, perform vaginal sex, and give birth to children.

It is placed between the urethra and the bladder in front, and the rectum in the back. Its upper boundary is located at the level of the cervix, which it covers, at the bottom, it opens on the eve of the vagina with a vaginal opening. In virgins, this hole is closed with a hymen. Regarding the uterus, the vagina forms an angle open in front. Between the front and back wall of the organ, as a result of their contact, the cavity of the vagina has a slit-like shape.

The walls of the organ have a thickness of 3-4 mm and consist of three layers:

Inner. This vaginal mucosa. It is lined with stratified squamous epithelium, which forms numerous transverse folds in the organ. These folds, if necessary, allow the vagina to change its size. The folds are most pronounced in childbearing age.
Medium. This is the smooth muscle layer of the organ. Muscle bundles are oriented predominantly longitudinally, but circular beams are also represented. In its upper part, the vaginal muscles are transferred to the uterus muscles. In the lower part of the organ, they become more durable, gradually weaving into the muscles of the perineum.
Outside. The so-called adventitious layer. This layer consists of connective tissue with elements of muscle and elastic fibers.