Hatf missile

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Hatf was a Pakistani tactical missile powered by solid fuel, developed with proprietary technology in the late 1980s by the Commission for Research in the Upper Atmosphere and Space (SUPARCO, Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission ). It was tested in January 1989 but never came into service.A winged shell is a single-launch unmanned aerial vehicle whose flight path is determined by the aerodynamic lift of the wing, engine thrust, and gravity.There were also structures operated by suicide pilots.The outdated name of a cruise missile was designed using an aircraft (classical) winged rocket scheme (the term fell out of use because they also called planning aerial bombs, which led to confusion). The term “cruise missile” is often mistakenly considered the equivalent of the narrower English term cruise missile, but the latter refers only to guided missiles, in which most of the flight to the target passes at a constant speed.


The ability to set an arbitrary missile course, including the winding path, which creates difficulties for the enemy's missile defense system. The possibility of movement at low altitude with the rounding of the terrain, which complicates the detection of missiles by radar means. Modern cruise missiles are designed to hit targets with high accuracy.


Relatively low speeds (about the speed of sound ~ 1150 km / h). High cost compared to other ammunition. The relatively low power of all explosive charges, with the exception of nuclear.Compared with airplanes, the main advantage of a cruise missile is unmanned power, which allows both to save people and to reduce the size and thus complicate detection. Since cruise missiles are designed for one-time use, they are subject to much less stringent requirements for the resource of the engine and other units.
"Hatf-I" (Hatf-I / IA) - flight range up to 80 km "Khatf-II" - modification of "Abdali" with a radius of 200 km "Hatf III" - originally announced the range of flight up to 800 km, the version with a range of 290 km was adopted “Khatf-IV” is a rail-based missile “Shahin-1”.
The flight distance is 750 km. A single-stage solid-fuel rocket weighing 9.5 tons is capable of carrying a conventional or nuclear warhead weighing up to 500 kg. "Hatf-V" - modification "Gauri" "Hatf-VI" - modification "Shaheen-2" “Hatf-VII Babur” - cruise missile "Hatf-VIII" (Ra'ad) - cruise missile

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