3D Studio Max Plugin (3ds max plugin)

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3D Studio Max Plugin

Plugin development is handled by both large commercial firms and enthusiastic developers. If the plug-in has a setup wizard, then, as a rule, its installation does not cause difficulties. However, if the developer did not take care of the presence of a master (and this often happens when it comes to free add-ons), the installation can cause difficulties. Meanwhile, getting the plugin to work is a snap. First of all, you need to make sure that the additional module downloaded from the Internet is designed specifically for the version of 3ds Max you are working with. For example, if a plugin is written for 3ds Max 2008, then it will not work with 3ds Max 2009. You should also pay attention to whether the plugin is designed to work with a 32-bit or 64-bit version of the program. Add-ons created for one of these versions are not suitable for the other. Since last year, along with 3ds Max, the 3ds Max 2009 Design program has also become available, which differs slightly in functionality from 3ds Max 2009. Plugins written for 3ds Max 2009 are suitable for 3ds Max 2009 Design. Since currently the latest version of 3ds Max is the release of 2009, then in this article we are considering additions that are suitable for him. It should be borne in mind that the release of 3ds Max 2010 is planned for April, and for this version the plugins created for the 2009 release will not be suitable. However, there is no doubt that most of them will be recompiled by developers and will become available within a few months after the release of 3ds Max 2010. All add-on modules are DLL files, but have different extensions depending on the properties.

For example:
DLO – additional objects;
DLM – modifiers;
DLR – visualizers;
DLT – textures;
DLU – utilities;
BMI – import / export of graphic formats (use of images);
BMS – saving files in different formats;
DLC – controllers to control the animation of objects;
DLE – export MAX files to other formats;
DLF – import to use fonts;
DLI – import various formats to MAX;
DLS – auxiliary objects;
DLV – post-processing effects;
FLT – filters for post-processing;
MSE scripts.