Jagdpanther 3D Model

Jagdpanther 3D Model on Flatpyramid."Jagdpanther" is a German heavy self-propelled artillery unit (SAU) heavyweight class of tanks fighter jets during the Second World War. By the way, it's one of the most popular tanks among military 3d artists."Jagdpanther" was constructed on the basis of Panther's tank PzKpfw V Ausf. G and has a layout close to the layout of the Soviet PA-SAU SU-85 (low body of perfect configuration). For a heavy car "Jagdpanther" has good speed and permeability. On the other hand, the self-propelled engine inherited a number of shortcomings from the base machine, in the first place its low mechanical reliability and relatively thin airborne armor.Since October 1943, the MIAG (Braunschweig), MNH (Hannover), MBA (Potsdam) produced 413 Yagdpanters (from January 1944 to 1945 - 392).According to the departmental index of the Ministry of arms of Germany self-propelled was designated as Sd. Kfz. 173 Panzerjäger V Jagdpanther. From October to November 29, 1943, Panzerjäger was called the 8.8 cm auf Panther I.Serial issue "Jagdpanther" was established at the MIAG plant in Braunschweig. The first "Jagdpanther" can hardly be called serial since the monthly release was only a few cars. In March 1944, only 8 cars were released. Production lagged behind the schedule 2-3 times. As a result of the June raid of the Allies, the plant was seriously injured and released the total of 6 "Jagdpanther" that month. In October, the MIAG factory was subjected to a new air attack, which resulted in the October release of only 8 "Jagdpanther". All this forced Waffen Amt to attract new producers to Yagdpanters. The choice was made in favor of MNH (Maschinenfabrik Niedersachsen) from Hanover, which until that time participated in the release of Panther. The MNH Company released in November 1944 20 "Jagdpanther" and another 14 in December. The MBC (Maschinenfabrik Bahnbedarf) factory in Potsdam has also been involved in the release. The first "Jagdpanther" in the MBA was released in December 1944. The MBA itself was not "Panther", but was a sub-contractor of the company "Daimler-Benz".In January 1945 the monthly issue was MIAG - 35 cars, MNH - 35 cars, MBA - 2 cars.Despite the bombardment and the lack of working hands, the Department of Armaments planned to increase the issue of Yagdpantery - in February, it was planned to release 70 cars (in fact, only 42 cars were released), and by June 1945, to issue a monthly issue of up to 100 cars.The main supplier of Jagdpanther was MIAG - 60 machines per month, MNH and MBA - 20 cars.Guns 8.8 cm Pak 43/3 L / 71 manufactured factories of Dortmund-Hoerder-Huettenverein AG in Libstadt and Dortmund. The corps was collected by Brandenburger Eisenwerke GmbH from Brandenburg.During the entire production process, the following changes were made to the construction of this tank destroyer: pistol ports were cleaned; added Nahverteidigungswaffe grenade launcher for melee, mounted on the roof; Removed left periscope of the driver; attached brackets on the hatch, providing access to the engine; jacked out to another place; added cooling engine pipes; the gun's barrel consisted of two parts, which simplified the procedure for replacing it; added cimeter; reinforced gun mount mount; Armored exhaust pipe protection is added; transferred box of fastening zip from the board to the back of the felling.The first modification is the early machines that had a monolithic trunk of the Pak 43/2 gun, a mask welded to the front armor and two periscopes in the driver's mechanic. The second modification is the Pak 43/3 gun and one periscope in the driver's mechanic. The third modification is a new mask of the gun, fastened with bolts, supermodel armor plaque from the tank PzKpfw V Ausf. G and other minor differences. "Jagdpanther" was serially manufactured in two versions, differing in details of the installation of the gun (the gun began to consist of two parts) and masks.Download Jagdpanther 3D Model on Flatpyramid now.