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The use of 3D modeling and 3D graphics in the modern world is unlimited. To create high-poly models, this type of modeling is used as a highly polygonal modeling – creating exact copies of an object. Modern 3D technologies allow creating almost any object, regardless of the level of complexity: from decor elements, furniture fittings and accessories to plastic cases and equipment parts.
In this case, you can use either the existing 3D model, which is adjusted to your specific needs or you can create your own unique 3D model. However, if you need to create an ultra-precise model, then highly polygonal modeling (creating exact copies of the object) comes to the rescue.
Two main properties of all high-poly models:

  • the most accurate transmission of the shape and geometry of the modeled object;
  • Final rendering (rendering of final result) is carried out with a heavy load.

Application of high-poly modeling

Widespread use of high-poly modeling was obtained in cinematography, as well as in the development of 3D characters, in the process of creating games using 3D technologies (3D games) and 3D animations. To create characters – heroes of games “without 3D space” low-polygonal modeling is applied.
Quite often, high-polygonal models call models with a large number of polygons, but this definition is not entirely true. If we take as a basis a low-poly model, and then use special programs to create 3D models to split it into a large number of polygons, we can get a sufficiently high-quality high-poly model.
Increase the number of polygons, you can also, by splitting them, but after that it is very difficult to reduce the number of polygons if necessary. The reverse procedure is rather complicated. Reduce the number of polygons is possible by means of their enlargement or the combination of polygons with each other. However, after this procedure, the model obtained will most likely appear to be incorrect, as a result of the almost complete lack of detailing of the model.
Creating accurate copies of an object is a complex process, and it requires the expenditure of a large amount of resources, the availability of powerful computer equipment and constant preservation of the work performed in specialized 3D programs.
Levels of detail of high-poly models:

  • the first is the base level;
  • the second is a refined definition of the geometry and shape of the object;
  • the third is a clear detailing of the object – splitting into a larger number of polygons.

Highly polygonal models – the most accurate copies of the original object. The creation of such models is necessary in the case of an ultra-accurate simulation of the object, or in the event that the simulated object is planned to scale (zoom in and out).
If there is no need to scale the object, you can confidently use low-poly modeling or 3D modeling with an average number of polygons.
When creating exact copies of an object, 3D sculpting is sometimes used to create 3D objects based on specialized software products for working with 3D graphics, using the software tools of which you can perform various actions on a 3D object as if “sculptures worked with clay”.
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