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Virtual Reality is an innovation in the 3D world! This technology allows you to view any 3D objects in virtual reality glasses with the effect of full immersion.
You are able to create a virtual copy of any 3D object with a simulation of real-world physics, where you can navigate through the territory and interact with the object in interactive mode, for example, choose a layout or materials for the finish. It can be a residential complex under construction, a cottage community or even an eCard.
This is easy to do using a special engine for creating VR, it called VReCards. It’s very simple to use and in the meanwhile it allows you to create great virtual reality content.

How can this be of use to you?

Visualization in the format of virtual reality allows you to create a virtual postcard and send it to a friend, you can create an advertisement in 360 or present the project in the most attractive form and thereby win the sympathy of customers already at the design and construction stages.
VR-modeling allows you to visually, practically live, see the project and correct in time possible errors made at the design stage, which means to avoid not only unnecessary costs during the construction phase, but also save time.

How can this be useful to your customers?

Visualization in virtual reality is much more visible than blueprints and static images. This technology will allow your customers to fully familiarize themselves with your proposal, they will be able to immerse themselves in the virtual environment, stroll through the halls and rooms, examine in detail the elements of the interior and exterior.
On Flatpyramid in this category you will find 3D models that are perfect for using them with VRecards and creating a virtual reality content.
A little bit of advice: after you get comfortable with the engine and prepare art materials, you will need to figure out how to give your project interactivity. It is recommended that you first read about the principles of building UI and UX in virtual reality. Otherwise, your users can get their eyes from bad decisions for stereoscopic rendering, or they are crouching. This can be avoided simply by refusing to bind the text to the viewing field, or by placing the player’s camera while moving into the visible capsule (car, space suit, cabin). And if you want to implement manual control, It’s recommended doing everything as realistically as possible – your research and prototyping efforts will be rewarded with a sense of presence.